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Together, We Are Achieving our Vision 2020 Goals

I remember when I first heard about Associa. The company had just launched its Vision 2020 and I was intrigued. The excitement about launching a companywide, 8-year vision was contagious, and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of bringing that vision to life.

After I started at Associa and read through the goals of Vision 2020, one of the goals—earning a “Best Place to Work” certification—seemed like a challenge but, like many we face each day, it was a challenge worth pursuing.  Fast forward five years later and we’ve just received our third Great Place to Work® (GPTW) certification from the Great Place to Work® Institute. This designation is nationally recognized by Fortune magazine and is earned only through direct employee feedback on an annual survey. In short, it is an important achievement.

I hope everyone at Associa feels like we are a great place to work because they know we listen to them and take action. In addition to the annual GPTW survey, we have multiple pulse surveys throughout the year where we collect feedback and put plans into place to improve our employee experience.  

These survey results tell us that the #1 reason our people love Associa is the sense of family they feel within their office. This matches nicely with our value of Family Spirit, and is certainly one of the reasons I love our company. Also, our results show that people feel welcomed and valued at work through our recognition programs and special events that we host throughout the year.

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Some of the more recent improvements have come in our benefits program, where we’ve worked diligently to keep monthly premiums flat (or lower) and give a significant reward to those who get their annual physical. We’ve also put more emphasis on helping people grow their skills at Associa through our Associa University program, a strong relationship with our industry trade partner and external partnerships with higher education institutions—which actually ties into another one of our Vision 2020 goals—to have “Best in Class Training and Development.” If employee engagement is the litmus test for this, we’ve definitely achieved this goal as well.

I am proud of our Great Place to Work® 3PEAT and look forward to keeping the winning streak alive. It’s quite an accomplishment that we’ve achieved together. I know it is only the beginning and look forward to what’s ahead for the Associa family! Our Vision 2020 has truly become a reality.


About the Author

As Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Chelle is responsible for leading the company’s human resources functions, overseeing talent management, managing internal communications, and coordinating employee benefits. Her career has focused on multiple aspects of communication, including change management and employee development. Her expertise is in simplifying and translating strategy and tactical information in a way to be easily understood and acted upon.

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