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2023 March 5 Star Champion: Elisabet Salazar

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Lori Wehunt: Lori shared an email she received regarding the outstanding service Elisabet provided to ease the onboarding of a new client:

"Elisabet is the staff accountant for Top of the Beach, a community I managed under my prior employer that followed me when I joined the NNJ team. Their financials were a mess when they transitioned to NNJ, and it’s been a lot of work on both of our ends to get things wrangled. Elisabet is so kind, easy to work with, and communicates well.  She’s made these issues so much easier to get resolved and she always keeps me in the loop. I want to make sure everyone knows how wonderful and valuable she is to all of us at Associa! 

Have a wonderful day!

Hollis Liebe, CCAM
Associa - N. N. Jaeschke, Inc."

5-Star Principle: Own the Resolutions