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2022 November 5 Star Champion: Tony Carter

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Rick Michaud: I am the General Manager at a large scale community in Southern Virginia and being in such a remote location from Falls Church, it was sometimes a challenge to feel a part of the team early on, especially when we needed administrative support. Well, that lasted about a week, until I (virtually) met Tony. As an Administrative Assistant, he goes above and beyond to ensure that we are supported in the field.  Whenever I needed assistance or the answer to a question, Tony has always been quick to respond and very eager to help.  Now that we have an on-site admin here at Bay Creek, Tony has taken it upon himself to become a mentor to Kristina and has always been available as she acclimates to her new role and responsibilities.

His positive attitude is simply infectious, and you can truly feel his smile through his emails or messages on Teams. Interacting with Tony always leaves you feeling better for the experience; he is an amazing asset to our team, and I greatly enjoy working with him. Thank you for making him available to support Bay Creek!  It would have been a much harder transition this year had it not been for all of Tony’s support!

5-Star Principle: Build Relationships