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2023 March 5 Star Champion: Christian Dean

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Shannon Streenz: Christian consistently provides 5-Star Customer Service to our customers. He is focused on his work and often earns praise from customers. Here is an excerpt from a client email that illustrates Christian's impact to our company:

 "I called your team earlier today looking to get some docs from a closing last summer and I ended up talking with Christian Dean on the phone. It was an awesome experience! Christian was factual, prompt, and explained the details to me that helped put the rest of the puzzle pieces together here in our office.

Having done title work and calling resale doc companies in another lifetime, I thought it was going to be a long process, but that wasn’t the case at all. I got the straightforward answers right away and prompt follow up as well, literally done in minutes. Christian made my day!"

5-Star Principle: Build Relationships