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Associa Employee Spotlight: Meet the Associa Family

The Associa family is made up of thousands of unique individuals who bring their own talents and passion to the job. Each week, we recognize one of our family members in the Employee Spotlight, highlighting not only their work but what they love to do after clocking out. 

Kristin Munson, on-site General Manager for Associa Somerset, wasn’t searching for a new job when she first learned about Associa. Twelve years ago, an apartment complex she was managing in Dallas hired Associa. She was hooked from day one. “I loved working with Associa and never looked back.” Thankfully, Kristin’s unique upbringing had prepared her for major life changes. “I grew up overseas, mainly in Singapore from 9 to 16 years old. It definitely made me a well-rounded person and adaptable to any situation.”


Her background living overseas isn’t the only thing that prepared Kristin for a successful property management career. She spent a decade in retail and apartment management, learning everything she could about teamwork and managing a team. Today, she puts those skills to use with her Somerset team, whom she considers a family. And like any other family, they are there for each other through the good and bad. When her father passed away, the team was there to support her and lend a shoulder to cry on. She makes sure the team recognizes the happy moments as well. “I celebrate each of the team member’s birthdays. They get to pick their favorite cake and we gather for a moment of family time.”


Kristin feels so at home with her work family that she doesn’t think twice about busting a move when a good song comes on. Her concierge saw her dancing in the lobby and they both just laughed. Not many people feel that comfortable at work, but as for Kristin, she wouldn’t have any other way.