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Associa Employee Spotlight: Maintaining Excellence

The Associa family is made up of thousands of unique individuals who bring their own talents and passion to the job. Each week, we recognize one of our family members in the Employee Spotlight, highlighting not only their work but what they love to do after clocking out. 

Dustin Joiner, maintenance technician at Associa Canyon Gate, has been with Associa for almost a year, and he already feels the family spirit. “Everyone at Associa Canyon Gate treats each other like family and are fun, outgoing and a pleasure to work with.” Dustin came to Associa on a former colleague’s recommendation, and he brought with him deep expertise that made him an ideal fit for the team. Not only does his resume include extensive experience in the construction and property maintenance fields, Dustin also has a knack for customer service. “I have the ability to get along with anyone and deal with any situation, and I also have a good rapport with customers and sub-contractors.” Along with family spirit, Dustin truly enjoys the camaraderie and teamwork he experiences at Canyon Gate every day. Client feedback continually reminds him of how special his work family is. “My closest relationship at work is with my property manager, Pauline Sandoval. Anytime we receive compliments from homeowners, it reminds us of what a great team we are.”


There was one instance in which Dustin perhaps wished their team wasn’t so close. “Associa Canyon Gate had a company scavenger hunt and my group had to pick someone to wear a veil and makeup. I was the lucky one.” Like any good sport, Dustin wore them like a champ, and obviously still loves his team. The feeling is definitely mutual. Pauline recently nominated Dustin for an award and sent this glowing submission. “Dustin has been with Associa for less than a year, and in that time, he has shown such a great work ethic and character. He is the onsite maintenance manager at El Corazon de Santa Fe and the owners love him and compliment him on a daily basis. He came into a position that, prior to Canyon Gate's management, lacked any integrity. He has restored the faith of the owners and demonstrated what it’s like to be an ethical, hardworking employee. I know that everyone at Canyon Gate will agree that Dustin is an incredible asset and a welcome part of our already amazing team!” Dustin and Canyon Gate are a match made in heaven, and we look forward to his continued success with Associa.