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e3 Champion: Staying Calm with an Angry Client

Each month, employee family members are selected as e3 Champions. E3 stands for: Every client. Every day. Every time. The e3 Champion Award rewards those who go above and beyond the call of duty for both internal and external clients. 

Nomination by Veronica LeBlanc: “A couple of weeks ago, Lee Ann answered the customer service line for a homeowner from one of our large scale communities. The owner was upset about his account balance and stated that he had not received the letters regarding his delinquent account. The owners proceeded to complain and yell at Lee Ann throughout the entire conversation. Lee Ann did not take the callers complaints personally and consistently applied e3 service by reinforcing the community’s procedure and reaching out to the community manager for the owner's request. The owner called back to apologize for being so rude and stated that he knew the situation was not Lee Ann's fault. He confirmed that he had paid his account balance in full and he asked what time the office closed that day. At about 4:15 pm, an edible fruit arrangement was delivered for Lee Ann. When asked for a comment, Lee Ann stated, ‘I was simply doing my job. My goal is to make sure the homeowner's questions are answered to the best of my ability and that they are satisfied. I don’t even mind being yelled at because I am confident that by the end of the conversation they will no longer be angry. I enjoy my job and the opportunities that it may provide me in the future. Proud to be an Associa PMG employee.’ We are also proud that Lee Ann is an Associa PMG Employee!”