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Associa Employee Spotlight: From Finding Gems to Becoming a Gem

The Associa family is made up of thousands of unique individuals who bring their own talents and passion to the job. Each week, we recognize one of our family members in the Employee Spotlight, highlighting not only their work but what they love to do after clocking out. 

Jenny Glidden, community manager at Associa Colorado Association Services (CAS), didn’t always spend her days advising HOA boards. Until March of last year, she was busy unearthing treasure as an exploration geologist in an open pit gold mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado. While getting her education in geology, Jenny moonlighted in property management. While she truly enjoyed the thrill of finding hidden gems, she missed the unique relationships that come with being part of a property management team. So she traded in her hammer and chisel for board packets and landscaping contracts to begin her career at Associa.


Jenny points to her early days in property management as influential in how she serves clients today. “My experience in property management taught me the importance of customer service and communication. It taught me the value of multitasking and refining my processes for better efficiency. I have a strong passion for selfless dedication to completing a job to the best of my ability.” She also believes in the value of continuing education, and looks forward to the opportunities she’ll have to advance her career at Associa.


Working with the CAS team gives Jenny the type of camaraderie she craves. And although she is known for her unfortunate ability to always spill beverages, her co-workers don’t hold it against her. “I see my team drop everything at a moment’s notice to assist each other. We are never too busy to help.” Jenny may no longer be searching for precious metals, but her search for a real work family landed her at home with Associa.