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5 Star Champion: Evette McMahon

Each week we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent.  

Nominated by Malia Long: Evette is always quick to help and work with any community manager.  The pool at one of my associations is in the process of being re-plastered. The project started before COVID began and was almost ready for county review when the shelter in place order was issued. Although the pool gate has been locked, it was still accessible to any member who had a pool gate key. I need someone to install a chain and padlock on top of the regular pool gate. I reached out to her on a Thursday afternoon and she was able to find a tech and have the work scheduled for the next morning. The tech finished and was out of there before the county health inspector was out. Her efforts were amazing and really helped me and the association big time! Much appreciated, Evette and AOC team!!

5 Star Principle: Own the Resolution