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2022 February 5 Star Champion: Joy Maxfield

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination from Shawn Fazekas: We received the following message about Joy from an extremely happy board member: “I would like to thank each of you for providing our HOA with an early Christmas present when you assigned Joy Maxfield to our neighborhood. She has been a blessing to our board and community. Her vast knowledge and experience have taught our board how to “fish”, as she cleans up some of our hanging chads and teaches us how to work through various neighborhood concerns when they arise. We really appreciate her inclusive, proactive, and self-starting attitude that elevates each of our board members to be better engaged. I could write multiple paragraphs outlining all she has done in her short period of time with us, but I believe you already know her many talents and will close thanking each of you again for sending her to our community and allowing her to work with the board of directors.”

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership