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2021 April 5 Star Champion: Tera Galluppi

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Suzanne La Grange: Tera Galluppi demonstrates all the qualities that make a 5-Star Champion and also inspires others around her to do their best. I cannot express how grateful I am to Tera every day. I have been a part of the Associa Nevada family for a little more than a year. Tera was instrumental in showing me the ropes and continues to teach me daily. Tera has this amazing ability to make you feel at ease. When you go to Tera for help, you never feel rushed. She provides you with assistance to solve the question/concern and helps you understand the process. Tera applies this work ethic to everything she does. It does not matter if something technically isn't her job description-if she things she can help, she dives in!

During this pandemic, Tera's service has never slipped or skipped a beat. We had several new associations joining our Associa Nevada South family. I was selected to be the manager of one of our new associations and we had a quick 3 week transition. Tera spent hours with me, showing me the on-boarding process, walking me through all the different areas and provided me the tools I would need to ensure a successful transition. I never felt rushed and I know she was working with several other managers at the same time, giving them the same level of service. Tera's organization, patience and work ethic is inspirational, and if I could nominate her for 10 stars, I would.

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership