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e3 Champion: Supporting New Team Members

Each month, employee family members are selected as e3 Champions. E3 stands for: Every client. Every day. Every time. The e3 Champion Award rewards those who go above and beyond the call of duty for both internal and external clients.

Nomination by various team members: Barbara has been a member of the receptionist team for three years and helps develop new team members. Barbara takes the lead and trains all new receptionists so we can have consistency in our various offices. Barbara even took the time to create a reception procedure book so that every new receptionist has resources for questions. Barbara leads by example; going above and beyond to ensure that clients receive consistent, five-star customer service. Barbara’s colleagues not only praise her for these skills, but also are constantly inspired by her positive demeanor and how she embodies Associa’s values. Your support of new team members is what makes Associa a great place to work!

Thank you, Barbara, for putting five-star customer service into action and supporting new team members to be confident and successful in their roles!