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e3 Champion: A Selfless Leader

Each month, employee family members are selected as e3 Champions. E3 stands for: Every client. Every day. Every time. The e3 Champion Award rewards those who go above and beyond the call of duty for both internal and external clients.

Nomination by John Ingenito and Charles Riska: Mike has been tireless in helping the international and acquisitions region in their efforts to improve our performance.  He has visited many of our branches in the past year and performed dozens of conference calls to help coordinate, improve, and set goals/parameters for our branches’ maintenance operations. Mike is not afraid to have the tough conversations with his peers and clearly expresses his thoughts to improve our employee morale and financial performance.  His intentions are always to make us better and I believe he consistently acts in the best interest of his customers. Mike has a great communication style that puts his customers at ease.  Coupled with his significant background and experience, he is a strong example of how we can be successful in growing our business while maintaining morale and strong relationships with our maintenance operators.  Mike is a selfless leader; placing the needs of his external and internal clients first, and we are proud to work at his side. Thank you, Mike, for embodying the e3 spirit.