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Associa Employee Spotlight: Talented in Team Spirit

The Associa family is made up of thousands of unique individuals who bring their own talents and passion to the job. Each week, we recognize one of our family members in the Employee Spotlight, highlighting not only their work but what they love to do after clocking out. 

Donna Thorne, community specialist at Associa Minnesota, made a real impression when she interviewed for the job six years ago. She was working for a competitor when Deb Milinkovich, also of Associa Minnesota, told her there was an opening on our team. During the interview, Donna shared her experience and well-rounded industry knowledge and was hired that very same day. She loves the flexibility of Associa as well as the “awesome people I work with.”

Donna says her team shares a lot of laughs, especially the day she came out of the restroom with her dress unknowingly tucked into her tights. It doesn’t sound like they gave her too hard of a time about it, because when you ask her what she thinks about them, she doesn’t hold back. “I LOVE MY TEAM!!!” She also loves baking, and we have a feeling Associa Minnesota enjoys her sweet treats on a regular basis. “It brings me joy when I can make someone’s day better and put a smile on their face.”

When Donna isn’t helping homeowners improve upon their neighborhoods and exteriors of their homes, she’s helping them decorate the inside as a part time Ashley Furniture employee. There’s no doubt her industry experience comes in handy when it comes to styling a home. But it isn’t all work for Donna. Along with baking and quilting, the time she spends with her grandchildren is the sweetest time of all.