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5 Star Champion: Jose Montelongo

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent.  

Nomination by Lucinda Hoe: Jose works for AOC in San Diego.  This is an email from the CAM to Jose's supervisor:

Hello Doug,

We had our board meeting this week at Bella Via, and the Board wanted to thank AOC, especially Jose, for doing such a great job at responding to the cleanup at Bella Via doing the riots and looting downtown.

The building got tagged pretty badly on windows, gates, concrete walls, and business signage. Although the Little Italy Association power washed most of the graffiti around the neighborhood, there was a lot of paint residue left on the building, and AOC took care of it.

I met with the business owners at Bella Via, and they also wanted to express their gratitude for handling it so quickly. They were very grateful they did not have to come and deal with the cleanup.

So, on behalf of the Board of Directors, and the business owners at Bella Via, thank you to Jose and AOC for doing such a great job!


Omar Tirado

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership