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5 Star Champion: Cheyenne Fisher

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Carrie McGonagle: Cheyenne is consistently going above and beyond to serve our clients with positive results.  Her dedication and spirit of service were illustrated in this client review by Joel McFarling: I would like to thank Cheyenne F. for her absolutely second-to-none service. I have had challenges with other companies that did not answer my questions. But that is not true about Cheyenne. She provided the kind of customer experience that would turn me from an unhappy customer into a loyal patron and advocate. She took the time to address my questions about the new application and payment services in a personable way that made me feel like I mattered. I appreciate her honesty and communication skill. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation, Cheyenne. We are so happy to have her on our team.

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships