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2022 July 5 Star Champion: Ponzie Parsons

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Luanne Crilly: The branch recently received this glowing email from a board member:

We are writing this letter to express our appreciation to Ms. Ponzie Parsons for her invaluable help this last year, when matters between our tenant and neighbors started to spiral out of control. Ms. Parsons helped us to address countless complaints ranging widely from noise, cigarette smoking, parking, talking too loudly outside late at night, garbage ruining the lawn, improper backyard maintenance, neighbor harassment, and the shared roof drainage system. 

Ms. Parsons was very diligent in helping us to investigate these complaints by promptly communicating with the parties involved, helping us to correctly assess the situation, and most importantly, helping us to mediate between our tenant and the neighbours. This was an extremely difficult task, given how quickly matters escalated, tempers flared, and the situation became one of a “he said/she said” nature. It became clear that no one was completely in the right, coexisting peacefully was near impossible, and tense circumstances such as these bring out the worst in people.

For Ms. Parsons to willingly intercede into this incredibly charged situation is a testament of her dedication to her role as Property Manager, with her likely going “above and beyond” what was originally required by the role. Even as matters became increasingly contentious, Ms. Parsons remained professional at all times and wholly committed to helping us resolve the multitude of problems ahead. When mediating and arbitrating between all parties, she made an enormous difference by providing necessary objectivity and important input on what constituted acceptable and required behavior. 

We are deeply grateful to Ms. Parsons for all of her expert help during what was to be the most troubling of our seventeen years in this community. Ms. Ponzie Parsons is a tremendous asset to your team, having exceeded our expectations with both her knowledgeable advice and unwavering support. 

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership