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Oakhurst North Community


Oakhurst North is a welcoming neighborhood of over 600 families on the far east side of Aurora, Illinois. There is always something happening — activities for kids and adults. A central feature of the neighborhood is the Sports Core, a facility shared by all residents that includes a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and sand volleyball court. The clubhouse is a wonderful place to host events and parties. It features a full kitchen, fireplace, tables and chairs.


This was a community that fell behind on major repairs needed for their Sports Core. They needed new plumbing, pool heaters and major tile and plaster for the pool.


All new modification guidelines as well as bylaw changes have been completed and recorded for the 20-year-old community. All new carpet, paint and furniture for the party room have now completed this facility. As the host of a major swim meet, this community is ready to show their Sports Core off!