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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Successful Community Event

Ready to make your next community event a hit? Get this guide to prepare your community and plan an event like the pros!

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Successful Events Cultivate Successful Communities

Budgets, board meetings and other community business take up most of your attention when you’re leading an association. But the overall goal for all of these activities – and one of the most important reasons HOAs exist in the first place – is to build a true sense of community.

One of the most effective ways to do that and bring homeowners together is with an event – like a block party, barbecue or even a simple visit from a food truck. To ensure that your board plans a gathering that will have your community asking for an encore, it has to be well-planned and well-executed, which is why we asked community professionals along with professional contractor and TV host Mike Holmes how they prepare communities for events.

That’s what you’ll learn about in our latest ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Successful Event, specifically:

Don’t let your next community event flop. Read the ebook now!