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A Guide to Getting Your Condo Association FHA Approval

Ready to get your condo association's FHA approval process off the ground? Read this ebook for an overview of the process, FAQs and approval requirements!

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Is your condo association prepared for buyers with FHA loans?

Condominium loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration used to be a rarity – but now the FHA holds up to a third of the loans in some markets. And since the FHA ended spot approvals in 2009, the entire condo association must have approval before the FHA will issue any loans. That means a lack of approval could lead to lost sales and angry residents in your community.

To avoid that problem and help your association get FHA approval, this guide offers a comprehensive view of the process, including:

  • Key approval requirements for condo associations
  • Frequently asked questions about the FHA, approval timing and how to get approved
  • How Associa’s FHA Assist program can help

Don’t let your condo association get left behind on getting FHA approval. Read the guide now!