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A Comprehensive Pet Guide for Your HOA

In this ebook, we provide everything you need to know about owning a pet in an HOA, including pet policies, pet-inclusive benefits, service animals, and much more.

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Pets are valued members of your family, offering the comfort, support, and companionship of a close loved one. And it’s likely there’s a dog, cat, bird, or other furry creature living in your community association.

At Associa, we value the countless benefits pet ownership provides to individuals in the communities we serve. Knowledge is power, and we aim to educate residents, board members, and communities on the importance of pet ownership and the impact pets can have on those living in a homeowners’ association (HOA). While all HOAs differ, pet-friendly communities have rules, regulations, and restrictions that every homeowner is expected to follow. A community’s pet policy often details the type of pets allowed in the association, rules for pet owners, and steps taken to ensure compliance. In this ebook, you'll learn everything you need to know about pet policies, how to foster pet inclusiveness, the distinctions between service animals and emotional support animals, and much more.