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7 Common Misconceptions About HOAs

Many who live in a homeowners’ association (HOA) recognize its value, but it can be difficult for some homebuyers to look past the common misconceptions about HOAs. Sure, there are rules to follow and dues to pay, but these rules and regulations are designed to make the community an all-encompassing wonderful place to live. Understanding how associations function—legally, politically, socially, and financially—is important before embarking on the large investment of a home. 

As industry leaders in community association management, at Associa, we know that moving into an HOA is a very big decision that may come with many preconceived notions about living in a managed community. We’ve spent the last 40+ years listening to our clients and learning from the experiences of the past. This knowledge helps us understand where the misconceptions come from and how they affect a homebuyer’s purchasing decision. Read on to learn what’s myth versus fact when it comes to living in an HOA.


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Associa's 5-Star Customer Service Commitment

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