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Partner Post: The Gardener’s Guide to a Happy Winter

Though the weather outside certainly isn’t ideal for gardening, there’s still plenty to do. From designing and planning to picking seeds and maintaining garden tools, there’s plenty to do in the colder months.

And once your hands touch the soil again, you’ll instantly be hoping for spring.

Keep this checklist handy through winter to keep on top of your gardening chores. Your green thumb will warm up in practically no time at all.

Winter Gardening Checklist:

Make your gardening dreams come true with these six easy to-dos to fight off the winter blues.

  1. Design your garden. Find inspiration on Pinterest, flip through gardening magazines and think of new ways to make your 2017 garden even better. Draw your garden plan to visualize how everything fits into the space.
  2. Pick seeds. Start thinking of the edible and flower seeds you want to grow. Look at seed catalogs to find unique varieties, heirlooms and plants you wouldn’t usually find at the grocery store.
  3. Feed the Birds. Feathered friends will be grateful for a treat on chilly winter days. Keep bird feeders stocked with tasty seeds.  
  4. Take a Look. Walk around your home and garden with a notebook to see what’s missing. Imagine how you could reduce water usage, recycle more, compost or conserve energy.
  5. Clean Tools. Round up garden tools, and give them a good scrub. Rinse off dirt, sharpen blades and rub vegetable oil on the metal.
  6. Care for houseplants. Create a watering and fertilizing schedule for your houseplants. Use The Espoma Organic Company’s new liquid indoor fertilizers to give houseplants what they need.

The winter will fly by before you know it! Here’s to hoping your 2017 garden is your best yet!


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