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FEATURED EBOOK: New HOA Homeowner Move-In Checklist

Moving into a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA) provides a variety of benefits to homeowners, including stable property values and convenient amenities. To enjoy those positives,  homeowners need to have an understanding of their lifetyle, the specific responsibilities that come with it, and how they must do their part to preserve the neighborhood’s quality and value.

From rules and regulations to dues, amenities, and services, there’s much to learn about associations and homeowner expectations up arrival in HOA. Getting comfortable quickly is key to a positive move-in experience and overall enjoyment of the association over time. New residents should work hard to get to know the people and places around them as well as the purpose of duties assigned to them. 

Download our FREE ebook to access a checklist that goes over everything new HOA homeowners need to know!