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Partner Post: Hard to Kill Houseplants that Add Green to Any Space

Live plants easily transform your home or office into a welcoming space alive with natural beauty. If you fear your thumb isn’t green enough to enjoy happy plants, I have some good news: It doesn’t take superhuman powers to keep indoor greenery thriving.

There are a number of low-maintenance houseplants ideal for practically any indoor conditions. The five varieties below are fabulous for first-time plant owners or if you go away frequently.

Beautiful houseplants aren’t just for decoration: Scientific research shows they improve indoor air quality, too. In fact, plants remove up to 87 percent of common indoor pollutants while pumping oxygen and moisture into the air.

Caring for indoor plants can be simple and easy, especially for these ultra-durable varieties. Here are five plants that thrive in low-light and dry air-conditions you’re sure to keep alive and healthy:

Chinese Evergreen. A popular houseplant that features striking silver-and-green striped leaves, you can leave this beauty alone for long periods and it will be just fine. Enjoy different varieties in groups to give your room a lush, tropical feel.

Ponytail Palm. This plant needs minimum attention – so you can basically forget about it without worry. It hails from Mexico, where it’s a slow-growing tree and adds a fiesta feel to any room.

Snake Plant. Warm or somewhat cool, a little sun or not, this hardy plant continues to grow without fuss or complaint in just about any room. It’s the go-to plant for frequent travelers and inattentive plant owners.

ZZ Plant. An ideal choice for low-light areas of your home, it’s one of the toughest houseplants around. Stylish shiny dark green leaves are so sturdy and waxy, they almost look plastic.

Sago Palm. Dreaming of a vacation, but stuck home or at the office? Sago palm is the desktop version of the beachside palm. It’s tolerant of low light and dry conditions and makes a cool gift as well.


Justin Hancock, Costa Farms garden expert. Passionate about plants only begins to describe Justin. A lover of houseplants, tropicals, annuals, and perennials, Justin has a wealth of experience gardening all the way from Northern Minnesota to Miami. At Costa Farms, you’ll find Justin running between research and development, marketing, and everywhere in between!


About the Author

Justin Hancock is a garden expert. He’s passionate about plants and loves growing houseplants, tropicals, annuals, and perennials. Justin has a wealth of experience gardening all the way from Northern Minnesota to Miami. In addition to being a gardener, Justin is a garden writer and spent 10 years as a gardening editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine.