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Kudos to These Team Members!

Associa Mid-Atlantic strives to ensure their clients are happy and have positive experiences. See what some of our client communities have to say about our staff:

A client recently left this 5-star review of manager Molly Tait: 

"During the last five years or so, my husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Molly Tait. In her position as [community] manager, Molly feels like an actual member of our community. We have never been in her presence when she is not warm, smiling, and eager to help. In my position as chairperson of the 45 member [community] chorus, I have had many occasions to ask for and receive assistance from Molly. She’s always there to help with organization, scheduling, printing and helping to solve problems that may arise from time to time. She has helped me run and organize the logistics for other events, such as our annual concert and meditation classes. My husband is chair of our monthly 48-page newsletter, and he tells me that Molly writes a monthly article representing management that is informative, thoughtful, and concise. She helps with managing newspaper expenses, budgeting, and is ready to answer questions at a moment’s notice. The help that Molly provides to us is only a small part of the great service she gives to the rest of our community on a regular basis. Molly is a wonderful person to work with, and we are greatly pleased to have her on our side."

This glowing review is of manager Kerri Perez:

"I have nothing but exceptional good reviews about our manager Kerri Perez here at Holiday Village. I have been working with Kerri since she arrived to take over the position as manager. She is so dedicated with anything work she takes on. She is extremely professional with the board of trustees, contractors, visitors and our residents who live here. She is very concerned about the health and welfare of each and everyone who lives here in our community. Kerri is very compassionate when it come to the residents of Holiday Village. She is very knowledgeable of all aspects in our community.  When a topic comes up that needs an answer, she goes the extra mile to get back to us in a timely manner. Kerri has helped this community set up new committees, clubs, events, etc., and has a way to get our residents involved and taking charge. I am amazed at how dedicated her coworkers are to her. She is one amazing, compassionate person and this community is a wonderful place to live, work and play due to her important role here. I am the president of Holiday Village and so very lucky have the pleasure to work with Kerri Perez. She keeps me informed about everything that happens and is always there to help me, even on her days off. Kerri is truly an asset to our community! Associa Mid Atlantic is so fortunate to have her as an employee."