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Associa Northern California Roseville Wins Great Giveback Contest

Congratulations to the winners of Associa's Great Giveback photo contest: Associa Northern California - Roseville! The team volunteered at their local Boys and Girls Club and will receive $1,000 to donate to the non-profit of their choosing as well as $500 for a team treat! During their visit to the club, the Roseville team:

  • Overhauled the club's art room by adding more supplies, hanging bulletin boards to showcase art work, deep cleaning the space, and organizing their cabinets and creating baskets for easy access

  • Assembled a foosball table and shelving units for storage

  • Helped move furniture around the facility

  • Hosted an early St. Patrick's Day celebration for the kids, including popcorn cups, cupcakes, gold chocolate coins, and fun decorations

In addition to sharing the pictures below, members of the Roseville team also shared what the experience meant to them:

Jeannine Muser (Branch Director): I would have not missed this for the world. This was an experience I will not forget. As we scrubbed down the tables, chairs, and walls, I imagined the laughter of the children while they painted. When all was said and done, we waited for the kids to arrive and see their new art room. When the door opened, you could see the children’s delight with wide eyes, shrieks of amazement, and "thank you" ringing through the halls. This alone made it worth all the body aches I anticipated having the next day.

Chester Videna: This event brought joy to my soul! There’s a different type of connection we get to experience together when the team goes out to volunteer. Meeting new people and knowing that we can bring smiles to kids and adults faces makes for a great day!

Patrick Ryan: I was thrilled to volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club and get the opportunity to give back to the community. Chester and I got to build them a new foosball table and it was great to see the kids excited faces at the end of the day!

Danielle Derego: I had a great time volunteering. Deep cleaning and building and throwing an early St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a blast. I personally love anything arts and crafts related, so it was special to create a magical and clean space for the kids to be endlessly creative. 

Aspacia Cowan: I enjoyed working with my team and learning new skills. The best part of the day was seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when they saw all the new changes.

Angie Vinyard: I am so grateful to work for a company that supports giving back to the community and people. Being able to give my time to someone else in need is extremely rewarding and uplifting. Working with my co-workers as a team in an environment that was not one of what we are used to typically working in was rejuvenating. I'm looking forward to next time!

Associa's 2023 Great Giveback was a huge success:  A grand total of 50 different volunteer events with an estimated 898 volunteers spending 3,592 hours giving back to local communities! Click here to see all of the Great Giveback submissions and check out all of Associa Northern California- Roseville's winning pictures below: