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5 Star Champions | July 2020


Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Patricia Herbert, CSSC, Texas

Nomination by Terri Philpot: Pat was responsible for putting together the Accounts Payable Department update for June.  Typically, the presentation includes updates on how the department is performing, but for this month, Pat went above and beyond and put together information about the many wellness benefits Associa is offering to our employees during the pandemic.  Pat made a special PowerPoint to ensure everyone knew how to get help and counseling if they need it. It was a really nice way for a leader at Associa to show that she cares about her direct reports.

5 Star Principle: Demonstrate Care

Crystie McIlyar, Community Group, Virginia

Nomination by Philip Adams: Crystie stepped in to assist with a Klik error while my associate was on vacation.  She uploaded vendor forms into Branch Access and interfaced with the Strong Room requirements for 24-hour emergency checks.  She even followed up to ensure that the requests went through.  She went above and beyond by keeping me informed, anticipating problems with the process, and offering to do even more.  She listened to my concerns and took the time to provide me with complete answers.  Her support was timely, complete, and impeccable.  She truly demonstrated 5 Star service to me as her internal client and to my association as her external client.  She truly demonstrated family spirit and integrity and accountability!

5 Star Principle: Communicate Effectively

Joe Tison, LandArc, Michigan

Joe went above and beyond to patch a homeowner’s roof before a storm came. The vendor could not get out to the site for couple weeks, so Joe went the extra mile and fixed the roof himself. The homeowner was very pleased was willing to do a Google review.

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships

Jose Montelongo, N.N. Jaeschke, California

Nomination by Lucinda Hoe: Jose works for AOC in San Diego.  This is an email from the CAM to Jose's supervisor:

Hello Doug

We had our board meeting this week at Bella Via, and the Board wanted to thank AOC, especially Jose, for doing such a great job at responding to the cleanup at Bella Via doing the riots and looting downtown.

The building got tagged pretty badly on windows, gates, concrete walls, and business signage. Although the Little Italy Association power washed most of the graffiti around the neighborhood, there was a lot of paint residue left on the building, and AOC took care of it.

I met with the business owners at Bella Via, and they also wanted to express their gratitude for handling it so quickly. They were very grateful they did not have to come and deal with the cleanup.

So, on behalf of the Board of Directors, and the business owners at Bella Via, thank you to Jose and AOC for doing such a great job!


Omar Tirado

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership

Jasse Sulaiman, Associa British Columbia, Canada

Nomination by Katie Khoo: Jasse Sulaiman has been managing a portfolio of Co-operative Housing (Co-ops) for less than a year at Associa British Columbia.  She has consistently demonstrated effective communication skills and leadership to her Co-ops.  One of her Co-ops required mortgage re-financing as their CMHC mortgage was approaching the expiry date.  With the new board, Jasse owned the resolution and reached out to a number of financial institutions for this specialized mortgage.  She managed to lead the board through the process from getting approval of the membership to the final step of re-financing. With the extensive work involved, the board even agreed to pay a special project fee, which is a win-win situation.  This also solidifies our relationship with the board.

5 Star Principle: Own the Resolution