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Start a Community Recycling Program

By Callie Leahy

Do your part to give back to the environment this month by organizing a community recycling program in honor of America Recycles Day November 15.

Kevin Haldin, director of communication and community relations for Waste Management says recycling is important because it adds value to otherwise useless items. “We’re able to take those [recyclable] items and materials and produce them into something useful, which is a benefit to us as a society,” Hardin said.

There’s plenty of information on our Associa Green website, but here are a few ideas to get your community recycling program started.

Host an information social

Do your neighbors know the importance of recycling? Do they know what is recyclable or how to recycle? Get your community involved by gaining their interest and making them aware of the impact they have on the environment. Start by organizing a fun, interactive information social and have resources available for recyclers of all ages.

Take a field trip

Many local recycling centers will offer free tours of their plants to get the community involved in recycling.

Coordinate a kick off event

Waste Management’s Haldin says organizing an event is a great way to initiate community participation. Gather your neighbors and get together at your local park to clean up and recycle any trash cluttering your play area.

Go online

Check out the EPA’s[JR6] website for more information on starting your own program. For information from the EPA on community waste awareness and educational materials for children of all ages, visit the EPA’s Web site.

Get rewarded

Programs like Recycle Bank will reward you with discounts, coupons and gift cards for your active participation in recycling efforts in your area.