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Partner Post: Make Sure Your Fitness Amenity is Ready for 2020

The last few months of the year are a great time to give your fitness amenity some attention. Focus on a few upgrades, fixes or new ideas to generate added excitement from both current and potential residents in 2020. A well-run and well-planned fitness facility is an increasingly important advantage for multi-unit residences.

Refresh Your Equipment

Outfitting your amenity with new cardio and strength equipment can be pricey. But consider it if your equipment is outdated. A complete refresh can be a selling point for years.

If the budget doesn’t allow for a big revamp, consider adding one or two pieces to your fitness area. One new cardio option or a versatile strength tool like a dual-adjustable pulley or functional training system can appeal to residents looking for something different.

Take Advantage of New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is a busy time in health clubs as exercisers make resolutions to be healthier and work out more. Help your residents get started, and encourage them to work out at home.

Consult with a personal trainer to create workout programs specific to your fitness equipment mix. Email these to your residents to get them started.

If you have a larger fitness facility, bring in a personal trainer to host a few weekend or morning group training sessions. Or see if a local yoga studio can offer a few classes. The group atmosphere adds energy to your fitness amenity and helps foster a sense of community.

Equipment Check-Up

Exercisers bring their workouts indoors during colder months. Make sure that the equipment they’re using is ready for them. Take care of any preventive maintenance your fitness equipment needs—check the belts on your treadmills, ensure you have the latest software updates if you have premium cardio consoles, make sure yoga mats are in good shape, etc. A well-run fitness amenity is appealing and shows that you care about your property.

Liven Up the Environment

An unchanging fitness amenity can become stale. Give yours a facelift. Add energy with a new coat of paint or exciting new lighting (tip: get rid of fluorescents). Rearrange the fitness equipment to give the room a new feel. You can also mimic a health club by creating specific training areas in your fitness facility. Design a cardio-specific training area, a strength training area, and a functional or high-intensity interval training space with a bit of both.

Host an Open House

Fitness equipment can be intimidating to those who don’t know how to properly use it. Invite residents to an open house to help them get acquainted with your fitness facility. Have a personal trainer offer tips and instruction on proper usage so that your residents feel comfortable using the fitness tools that you provide.

A standout fitness amenity sets a property apart, and it generates satisfaction among residents. Make sure to give yours the attention it needs.

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