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Partner Post: How to Keep African Violets Blooming All Year Long

Brighten up indoor spaces this winter with the pleasant blooms of African violets. These small, cheery plants with fuzzy leaves have beautiful flowers in shades of blue, pink, white and violet.

Once you get in a regular routine of taking care of African violets, you’ll find they grow very easily. Give plants the right temperature, light and a good feeding, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful blooms.

African violets are easy to care for. Here are some simple tips to keep them blooming.


6 Steps to Keep African Violets Blooming:

  1. Start healthy. Choose plants with emerald-colored leaves and the blooms. Make sure the pot has drainage holes.
  2. Get lighting right. The most common reason African violets don’t bloom is because they aren’t receiving enough light. These plants need indirect sunlight, direct can burn the leaves. Choose a north- or east- facing window for best results. Rotate the container once a week so all leaves receive light and keep plants away from chilly windows. Extend daylight by placing African violets under a grow light during winter months.
  3. Stay warm. African violets prefer the same temperatures most people find comfortable: between 7080°F during the day, and around 65–70°F at night.
  4. Water from below. Use a saucer to water your African violet and fill using room temperature water. Let the plant sit in it for about an hour and then pour excess water out. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings. 
  5. Feed. Fertilize with Espoma’s new liquid Violet! Indoor houseplant food every 4-6 weeks in spring, summer and fall. 
  6. Think before replanting. African violets only bloom when they’re root bound. If you must repot, be sure to use an organic potting soil made specifically for African violets, such as Espoma’s African Violet Mix. Choose a container that’s about a third of the diameter of their leaf spread.


Now that you’re African violet is off to a great start, it’s time to care for your other houseplants!    

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