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Partner Post: Five Ways To Get More Involved In Your HOA

Written By: Greyson Connelly, Operations Manager at Cornerstone Managing Partners

If you’ve recently moved into an apartment building, planned neighborhood or condo community, you may have been introduced to your homeowner’s association (HOA). To sum it up, HOAs manage your community’s landscaping, maintenance, housing rules, etc. An efficient HOA will make your life, as a resident, much easier.

While this may sound like an exclusive governing board, there are absolutely ways to participate. Read on to discover the top five ways to get more involved with your HOA.

Volunteer for Your HOA Board

We promise, it’s not as scary as it seems. While serving on your HOA board can be time-consuming and tiring, it is one of the best ways that a homeowner can become involved with their community. If you see yourself as a natural leader and have a professional background that could benefit your neighbors, volunteer for your Board. Within weeks, you will notice the impact your time and due diligence has on your community.

Speak Up and Attend Board Meetings

If you are not a member of the board, it’s easy to let HOA board meetings fall under the radar. This is a PSA to go to your next board meeting. Take this opportunity to BYOC—bring your own comments (and maybe a glass of wine).

By attending board meetings, homeowners have a forum to voice their opinions and provide feedback on current happenings in the community. Do you have thoughts on safety precautions, cleaning protocols, etc.?  At meetings, you can help board members or community managers better understand a perspective they might not have previously considered. Additionally, you can ask questions, receive live responses, and get to know your community leaders face-to-face.

Make Your Mark by Joining A Community Committee

Board members and community members are not the only ones who help maintain the community. Committees formed by volunteers also have a say in your community’s ecosystem. These committees often cater to a specific community need.

HOA boards leverage committees to oversee operations of landscaping, architectural review, social events and more. Do the plants in the garden need to be replaced? Does the gym need more equipment? Have there been enough Zoom Happy Hours in the last six months?

Find out what committees are available in your community and join one that interests you the most. This is a great way to have a say in the community that you live in.

Don’t Miss Out on Community Socials

Attend that Halloween Happy Hour. Stop by that socially distant picnic.

HOAs organize social events to help homeowners meet their neighbors and feel more connected to their community. Use these events as an excuse to get out of your unit, build relationships, and hear the latest scoop on your community.

Read (And Contribute To) Your Community Newsletter

Newsletters are the simplest way to stay apprised of the latest happenings in your community. Often times, associations provide a weekly or monthly newsletter. It includes the latest upgrades to your community, maintenance news, local news and more. Reading these can be a quick-and-easy way to stay in-the-know.

If your community allows homeowners to contribute to the newsletters, this can be a great way to share things that matter to you. Are you a photographer that has a few great snapshots to publicize? Are you a happy hour aficionado ready to share your favorite hot spots? If so, find out how you can submit content for the next newsletter.

This much is clear: There are several ways—big and small—to get involved with your HOA. Find the tactic that works best for your lifestyle. 

About Greyson Connelly

Greyson Connelly is the Operations Manager with Cornerstone Managing Partners, a full-service construction company based in Southern California. Connelly is a businessman to the core, with experience in a wide variety of industries from engineering to debt collection, and finally landing in property management of high-rise buildings. In his current role, Greyson aims to close the gap between the construction world and residential world.


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