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7 Reasons to Join Your HOA Board

A voluntary role, serving as a board member in your homeowners’ association (HOA) does involve work—but you’d be surprised by the great impact you can have on your community. While the board of directors ensures the community and amenities are well maintained and property values are protected, they also must ensure that the association keeps a healthy financial position and that applicable laws are properly followed. It can be a tough job, but with tremendous rewards. Here are seven reasons to join your HOA board.

1. You have a passion for the community. 

People who serve on their association's board of directors do so to make a difference and get involved in their community. You must be willing to volunteer without compensation and view this as an opportunity to serve your neighbors and enhance the community's assets.

2. You value relationships. 

As a board member, you must spend time nurturing relationships with your fellow neighbors. Doing this will personalize leadership, build trust, and show that boards do more than enforce rules and measure budget performance. Positively connecting with residents will significantly impact governance and make the community a better place to live.

3. You see a bright future.

The board is responsible for the direction of the community, but establishing a direction involves developing a plan. Beyond having a vision, board members must consider what needs to be accomplished in the next year or two, what projects need to be taken on, and what services need to be offered for the association to fulfill its legal obligation to members.

4. You’re ready for a long-term commitment.

Involvement in one or more of your association’s committees is usually a stepping stone to becoming a board member. While many committees typically have a shorter lifecycle, they’re a great way to learn how the association works. Most board members must commit to a one-year term, but may serve on the board for a longer amount of time if they’re reelected. Consult your community’s governing documents for additional details about term limits and election cycles.

5. You have a positive mindset.

Your time of service on the board can have its ups and downs, but it’s crucial you stay positive through it all. A team player, you can support your fellow board members and stand firm behind the decisions the board makes collectively. Homeowners often look to board members for guidance, so it’s essential to encourage positivity.

6. You feel inspired by the board.

A successful board of directors does more than hold meetings and enforce rules. An effective board is welcoming, encouraging, and transparent. Board members lead by example, and it’s their duty to promote the benefits of the association and foster an environment that people can see themselves in.

7. You enjoy seeing people fulfill goals and accomplishments.

One of the best ways that board members keep homeowners engaged in their community is by showing appreciation. Thanking your community association manager, fellow board members, committee members, and homeowners for their volunteer services and community efforts is something that should come naturally to a board member. Frequently recognizing and publicly acknowledging the efforts of community volunteers isn’t just the right thing to do, it also increases gratitude through the community.

Board Member Education

While serving on the board doesn’t require any previous experience, there is a learning curve to the job. You’ll need to become educated on the governing documents of your association, the needs of your homeowners, and the financial standing of each project. Read our article, “Board Member Education: What You Need to Know,” to help you prepare for your role as a board member.