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Partner Post: 4 Ways to Add Instant Style with Container Gardens

A container garden or two is a surefire way to add instant style to your favorite space. In front of your home, potted plants offer curb appeal and make your space more welcoming. Out back, container gardens give any space the special quality of being one you want to spend more time in. Luckily, enjoying beautiful containers is easy – they don’t require serious time or effort to set up and don’t have to be expensive (especially if you’re crafty and upcycle the containers you plant in). Plus, you can take them with you if you move.

Here are four ways you can immediately add a splash to your deck, patio, porch, or balcony.


1. Go Vertical

Think you don’t have space for plants? Think again! Grow plants up and off the ground with a little creativity. There are a number of easy (and inexpensive) vertical gardening products available that you can mount on a wall to get a lush look without losing floor space. Another idea is to hang containers. It can be as simple as painting an old paint can, punching a hole or two in the bottom for drainage, and suspending it with a chain. It’s fresh, fun, and fast!


2. Incorporate Edibles

Let your plantings do double-duty by mixing easy-care flowers in with fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Varieties like kale, eggplant, and variegated basil can be surprisingly elegant when combined with lush tropicals, annuals, or perennials. And who wouldn’t want a cute container you can look at and snack on!


3. Keep It Easy

If you want instant style from planters you don’t have to mess with, go with low-water cacti and succulents. These sun-loving plants thrive in hot, sunny spots. They may not need you to do anything at all if you display them in a spot where they’ll enjoy some natural rainfall. Cacti and succulents come in a wide range of colors and textures, including exotic and elegant plants like desert rose, which features a bonsai-like trunk and gorgeous red, pink, purple, or white flowers.


4. Make Your Own Planters

Customize your look by making your own planters! It’s an easy afternoon or weekend DIY project. There are many different ways you can go; one of our favorites is to make a planter with pavers. You can grow practically any plants in containers like this, so it’s an ultra-easy and fun way to personalize your space.

About the Author

Justin Hancock is a garden expert. He’s passionate about plants and loves growing houseplants, tropicals, annuals, and perennials. Justin has a wealth of experience gardening all the way from Northern Minnesota to Miami. In addition to being a gardener, Justin is a garden writer and spent 10 years as a gardening editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine.