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Partner Post: 5 Features to Include in Your Community Outdoor Living Space

Gathering outside is a great way to spend time with friends and neighbors. There are many options for creating an outdoor living setting that will appeal to different types of residents. Consider incorporating these features into an outdoor community living area to create a more inviting al fresco entertainment space.

1. Cooking Equipment

Grilling food outdoors naturally creates an inviting space for neighbors while providing a way to feed all of those who come out to join them. Having a few different kinds of grills in different sizes and capacities will allow homeowners to use those that they are comfortable with. Consider getting a large gas grill for big parties as well as smaller charcoal grills or electric smokers for more intimate gatherings. Having a dedicated place to cook food is important to creating a welcoming outdoor living space.

2. Drink Stand

You can’t have food grilling on the barbecue without having a drink in your hand. Create a go-to spot for drinks with a modern cooler stand that is widely available in stores. Homeowners can invite neighbors and guests to bring their own drinks and add them to the cooler filled with fresh ice. This will help save space that large coolers often occupy on the ground. Place the drink stand near a trash can for easier waste removal.

3. Various Seating

Friends who come out to join you or your homeowners for food, drinks and time in your outdoor living space will need a place to comfortably sit down. Choose a few different seating options that will provide enough space for a range of guests. Picnic tables, benches, and lawn chairs are all good options for guests and residents alike. Try some fun alternative options like hammocks or even blankets on the ground that are reserved for chatting with friends over a picnic.

4. Games

Provide equipment for easy lawn games like corn hole, lawn darts, or horseshoes that will encourage homeowners and their guests to get to know each other better by bonding over their experience. Remember to include the kids in outdoor games and activities with options like bubbles, chalk, and even small bouncy balls to keep them entertained. Consider putting a few games together for a friendly tournament to increase community engagement.

5. Fire Pit

Nothing creates atmosphere in an outdoor setting like a fire pit. Encourage neighbors to venture out into the outdoor living space by setting a fire and providing s’more fixings for an easy, fun community event. Make sure to keep enough wood on hand to keep the fire going.

Consider adding these items to your plans for creating an appealing outdoor living space in your association, and watch your community engagement increase.

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About the Author

Henry Walsh is a gardening writer and eco-conscious living advocate. He recently began his homesteading journey after many years of incorporating the principles into his urban lifestyle.