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How to Host the Perfect Event for Your Community

Between all the budgeting, planning and maintenance tasks, you and your fellow board members probably tried to squeeze a few events into your community's annual strategic plan. The options for giving your community a chance to come together are limitless, which is exciting. But, too many choices can make the planning process for your board or social committee overwhelming. 

To help you narrow down the options, try bringing the tips below to your next meeting where party or event planning is on the agenda. Use these as a starting point to encourage more ideas from your homeowners and fellow board members to create a gathering that will have homeowners asking for an encore. 

Consider your community’s lifestyle
Do you lead a single-family neighborhood with many children? Or a high-rise condo where residents enjoy upscale living? Discussing the preferences and lifestyle of your homeowners is a logical place to start when considering various options for an event that everyone will enjoy. The resulting insights can help your board choose the timing, format, menu and activities much more easily.  

Choose a format your homeowners will enjoy
With the above information in mind, discuss the type of event your association should host. If it's included in the budget, a straightforward gathering with simple appetizers and music that allows for easy mingling between homeowners is a good option. Alternatively, a potluck, landscaping contest, charity project or block party are also popular ways to build community without putting financial pressure on the association. 

Plan the Details of the Event
Most people plan for the key details: time, place, food, drink, entertainment and theme or occasion. To help you remember all the small details that sometimes get overlooked, we’ve compiled a list of event planning pro tips:

  • Determine the quickest and easiest route for an emergency vehicle to reach your event. Communicate this to all planners before the event. 
  • Depending on the type of event, plan for plenty of seating. 
  • Ensure convenient access to food by setting it up in a way that won’t force attendees to block walkways or amenities while they’re going through the line. 
  • Include an alternative date on your invitations in case of inclement weather

Have Fun!
The reason for hosting an event is to build a strong sense of community, and as a board member, you deserve to partake in the results of all your hard work. Mingle with homeowners, reflect on the difference you’re making in your association and take time to fully enjoy being surrounded by a thriving community.

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