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Featured Ebook: 10 FAQs About Developer-Controlled Communities

Moving into a managed community comes with many perks—especially if it’s a  new development. When a newly constructed home sits within a neighborhood boasting pristine landscaping, freshly paved streets, and barely used amenities, it attracts buyers to settle in. This development may still be in its infancy, even at two, three, or seven years old. As it goes through the phases of construction, a developer runs, maintains, and manages the community—making it a developer-controlled community. 

At Associa, we provide a suite of developer services and a number of educational resources for new-development leaders and residents. In our legacy of creating valuable tools for this unique group, we know that homeowners, prospective buyers, and board members alike often misunderstand what it means to live in a developer-controlled community. Download our ebook to learn the 10 frequently asked questions—and answers—about these specialized associations.