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Condo Corner: Why Attending Move-In Orientation Matters

Are you thinking about moving into a condo? While the amenities can be nice, there are a lot of things you need to know before you move in. To make your transition as seamless as possible, make sure you schedule a move-in orientation with the community manager. The following are 4 crucial things you will do and learn at your condo move-in orientation.

  1. Receive insight and ask questions.

During a move-in orientation, your manager will walk you through the building and share any information that wasn't covered in formal documents. Along the way, you'll learn things about the building, like is the day trash is picked up each week, pool and fitness center hours, and cleaning schedules. The manager may also share details about the neighborhood, like the best way to get out of the city on gamedays, restaurants that deliver, and the best dog walkers who frequent the building.

  1. Build relationships.

Relationships can make or break your experience of living in a managed community. During your orientation, you’ll likely meet onsite staff, like the concierge, valet, and security. Building good relationship from the beginning and understand that these people are on your side, serve as your advocate, and are there to make things as easy as possible for you will help you in the long run.

  1. Understand the environment and expectations.

Living in a condo is much different than living in a single-family home. In a condo, you become part of a more involved community and are living in closer proximity to more people. During your move-in orientation, you’ll get a feel for the existing flow of the community. You’ll learn how social the building is, what types of activities are planned, if most residents live there full-time, and more.

  1. Get move-in details.

Lastly, you’ll receive details about the actual move-in process. The manager can tell you the location of the docks and loading zones, make you aware of any time restrictions, and share any other tips and tricks to help relieve frustration, avoid unnecessary costs, and make your move as efficient as possible.

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Ms. Stanfield has been a valued member of Somerset Association Management, an Associa company, for more than a year as a business development manager where she focuses on maximizing community efficiency, engagement, and growth. Ms. Stanfield has more than six years of community management experience with five years of on-site, multi-family management experience. She has overseen residential high-rise, mid-rise, and mixed-use properties as well as new construction, renovation, and converted industrial lofts in the Fort Worth, Dallas, and Denver markets. Ms. Stanfield has served in a variety of capacities including assistant manager, certified trainer associate, and business manager. Ms. Stanfield attended The University of Texas at Arlington where she was an active member of the music department and UTA Colorguard. Leah enjoys spending time at the dog park with her little guy, Shiner.

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