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Conversation with an Associa Mexico On-Site Community Manager

As an on-site community manager in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, Rodrigo Carrillo plays a vital part in Associa Mexico's operations. We recently interviewed him to learn more about what a typical day at work is like. 

How do you start your day? 

The first thing I do to start the day is review my phone messages within the group I have with the security guards to ensure everything is fine on property. Once I arrive to the community, I visit each department to see how they are doing and if they need any tools or support for the day, as well as review my checklist with them for the days prior. Next, I compile a list of things to do and review all pending tasks for that day.

How do you communicate with your board? 

Per the board’s request, I will initially use e-mail. However, I also use my phone for WhatsApp messages and or a phone calls if something is more urgent. 

How do you communicate to the community residents? 

I always use the TownSq platform to create announcements or posts news for the residents. The tool makes it quick and efficient to share pertinent information to all residents and specific committees or groups.

What are your personal goals for the community? 

Since I began managing this community last summer, I noticed details and processes that needed improvement. I personally have the goal to help make this one of the most beautiful places to live and visit, while supporting my team in order to make it feel like an amazing atmosphere to work in. 

How do you support your staff ? 

I make sure to greet all staff members as I would want to be greeted. I address each staff member to make sure they have my contact, and we have an open communication policy.  We also always eat as a team. This creates a more personal and friendly relationship. 

How do you work with vendor partners? 

They know me as a very friendly and accessible person. I have requested that residents and property managers inform me if a vendor or visitor will come to the property. That way, security is updated and we have a process in place. 

How do you end the day? 

I do the same routine as in the morning, making sure all departments have what they need and understand the pending activities for the rest of the day before I check with security and remind them to communicate with me if they need anything.