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5 Star Champions | March 2021

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Travis Miller, CSSC (Texas)

Nomination by Linda Martin: Travis Miller has been a rockstar in assisting me with several expedited role manager requests in the past several weeks, without hesitation.  Recently, we had a site that was shut down too soon (branch error - we own it).  After messaging him, he had the CAM back in action within 5 minutes of my ticket submission, and he communicated back quickly with a resolution.  We also had a site that inadvertently had the CAM removed and he did the same.  He not only demonstrated care, and owned the resolution, but helped build the relationship between the branch and CSSC by showing that he is willing to serve others no matter what.  Thank you, Travis! 

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships


Elizabeth Giorgio of Community Management Concepts of Jacksonville (Florida):

Nomination by Deedra Phillips: Elizabeth (Liz) is always willing to assist me and answer questions. She is prompt with her replies, pays attention to detail and provides updates on open or ongoing issues. I know that there have been times when I missed an invoice and needed it submitted right away and Liz has done so without question, hesitation or complaints. I’m fairly new to the Associa family, and Liz has been a tremendous asset to me while I became better acclimated with the accounting process. Liz demonstrates excellent work ethic, recently coming into the office having just been an accident that totaled her car on her way to work. When I asked her why she was even in, she stated that it was the busiest time for her and accounting.  I am beyond grateful to have Liz as a team member in our CMC office.

5 Star Principle: Demonstrate Care


Monika Padilla, EMB (Washington)

Nomination by Melissa Robertson: Monika serves as our Director of Community Management Services while also maintaining a portfolio of communities.  She plays an integral role in our branch operations, client retention and much more.  We continue to receive positive feedback from the communities she serves, and most recently, one of her board presidents provided the review below:

As President of the Board of Springbrook Square HOA, I can share that our decision to switch to Associa EMB two years ago was and continues to be rewarded by excellent service. Much of that is due to Monika Padilla, our CAM. She is a true professional and great partner and coach for our board. And in our first year through a difficult transition, her supervisor Melissa Robertson, was our go-to coach. We needed lots of help moving from a poor former management company, and the EMB team worked with us to clean up and improve our HOA operations. Now in our third year, things are working very well.

I can't thank Monika for always demonstrating care to clients, customers and our staff.  She is a true asset to Associa EMB Management; her hard work, leadership and dedication is very much appreciated.

5 Star Principle: Communicate Effectively


Matthew Resler, Associa Nevada South

Nomination by Vincent T. Oliva: In the fall of 2020, we had major challenges with our largest client.  While we had many team members that aided in the efforts to win back the confidence and partnership with the board, Matthew Resler definitely took the lead.   Matt demonstrated the epitome of project management and organization.  This client now has job descriptions, standard operation procedures, a training program, and increased onsite staffing.  Matt's efforts transformed and re-built the entire team on site and the board's partnership.  The board president recently took the time to send a letter to Mr. Carona and our executive leadership team regarding his unsurpassed efforts.  This was truly one of the most incredible examples of how hard work, self-sacrifice and dedication to our clients can pay large dividends.  I am so proud to be a part of his team.  He is now nicknamed Iceman in our office because he was so cool under pressure.  Congratulations, Matt, on setting the bar for all of us to follow.

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership


Karyn Radek, Associa Chicagoland

Nomination by Erica Horndasch: There was a broken and frozen pipe at an owner's property that caused sewage water to back up into the home and left them without a working toilet.  The maintenance guys went to rod it and the rod got stuck in the pipe and broke off.   The onsite maintenance guys did such an awesome job getting down to the break and slowing the flow of water.

This home only has one toilet and this owner can’t drive and has meals delivered to the home.  We found a great portable toilet in Delavan, Wisconsin (we are in the Chicago area).  The community manager, Karyn Radek, drive over an hour away to pick up the toilet and deliver it to the home. The owner is very grateful to have a toilet and now we will have one for the next issue.  Issues always hit the one-bathroom units. 

Just this week, Karyn also received a thank you note from a homeowner saying her positive influence is helping the community come alive. “I swear more people are waving and the whole vibe has changed!”

5-Star Principle: Own the Resolution