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5 Star Champions | December 2020

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 


Cristina Aviles, Prescott (California)

Nomination by Jessica Williams: Cristina is a General Manager for a condo community that we manage. I received the email below from a Board President:

It came to my attention this past weekend that there was a tremendous amount of trash outside the dumpsters.  It seems the trash company will simply kick anything aside that is not physically in the bin, pick up the bin and leave the rest behind.  It was HORRIBLE.  I was notified as security contacted me. 

I notified Cristina of the situation and she informed me that maintenance and janitorial does not work on the weekends. .That being said, Cristina took it upon herself to go to the property to clean not only that bin but the remaining 12 bins as well.  That is WAY above and beyond the call of duty and she should be somehow recognized for that.

Cristina routinely provides 5 start service in her diligence and commitment to the community, and this is just one recent example that stood out.  

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships

Titus Cramer, Bruno Bartoli, Cassandra Dalton and John Arthur, Evergreen Management Group (New Hampshire)

Nomination by Tricia Tremblay: The Evergreen Management Group Team, Titus Cramer, Bruno Bartoli, Cassandra Dalton and John Arthur had an extremely challenging weekend in New Hampshire due to mother nature. A community of 344 units, which consists of three we have managed for more than 25 years, scheduled their annual meeting for Saturday 12/5/2020. Due to COVID, the meeting was scheduled for outdoors in the community’s clubhouse parking lot… yes, outdoors in New Hampshire in the month of December! This team put many hours into planning the annual meetings to ensure the safety of all owners.

Well, mother nature was not so kind to the team or the associations. That Saturday, we had our first major snowstorm of the year: 8 plus inches of snow and ice, high winds, and power outages. The annual meetings had to be canceled and rescheduled for that Sunday.  Although the community was given a snow/rain date, we never expected to have all three annual meetings for the entire community with a power outage and no water for 344 units. The staff went over and above to serve the community and all three annual meetings were successful and all reach their required quorum. Very impressive!

Congratulations to Titus, Bruno, Cassandra and John for providing 5-star customer service during such challenging times. Thank you!

5 Star Principle: Demonstrate Care

Amber Gabel, Associa Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania)

Nomination by Becky Hertzler: Amber is a newer CAM in our King of Prussia office.  We are both working with a new developer for our office on different projects.  We had the same contractor in place for both communities (Rolling Meadows and Blue Rock).  Then, 48 hours before the largest snowstorm that we have seen in the past 10 years, the contractor walked out.  He decided that the properties were too far away for him to service.  I was off on a vacation day.  Amber stepped in and up to the plate.  While I logged on in the morning to begin searching for a new vendor, she did the same.  We both began making phone calls.  Unfortunately, I had some items to take care of, as it was my day off.  Amber was able to secure a vendor for both communities, put the contracts together for both communities, and get the contracts signed for both communities so that I could enjoy the remainder of my day off.  Thank you, Amber, for stepping up, taking care of our clients, and taking care of me!

5 Star Principle: Own the Resolution

Alicia Fadrowsky, Associa Sierra North (Nevada)

Nomination by Dolores Vander Aa: Alicia is a tireless, conscientious and talented leader.  She takes on anything needed to help the branch move forward.  Most recently, Alicia impressed Toll Brothers local leadership in her interview and follow up.  This interview helped us land a contract with Bella Vista Ranch. Because of rotating managers and poor service from their other company, Toll Brothers decided to make a change.  The icing on the cake came when Alicia received a Google 5-Star review, from an owner, on the second day of contract start!  Needless to say, Toll Brothers is very happy. 

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership

Mayra Zotzman, Associa British Columbia

Nomination by Faith DeSmet: I recently worked with Mayra on a project that had a lot of moving parts, varying due dates/go-live dates, multiple communications, and a lot of tracking down of information. Throughout the process, Mayra was extremely organized, thorough, patient and professional. Even with a few unexpected hiccups, the project was completed successfully and on time, and this is largely due to Mayra's efforts and leadership. Thank you so much, Mayra, for being a rock star!

5-Star Principle: Communicate Effectively