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2021 November 5 Star Champion: Karen Erick

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Jeff Gourlie: Karen is the vendor manager for LandArc and one of her responsibilities is getting snow removal agreements in place for the upcoming winter season. She has done a remarkable job quotes and agreements lined up for all the LandArc accounts while working under some very extraordinary circumstances. Michigan is experiencing a substantial drop in the number of snow removal vendors available, and those fewer vendors who are still performing the service have been much more particular about the type and number of accounts they will service. Many vendors had already informed Karen they would not be able to provide service this coming winter. Not having a vendor in place would not be good in view of the regular snow events experienced in the LandArc market. Karen started early, worked diligently to expand the vendor base, while at the same time continually reminding client board members prompt decisions are called for under the current environment. Her extra efforts paid off, and all accounts are now covered for the season. Many board members and community managers have expressed their appreciation to Karen for getting this done in fine fashion despite the difficulties.

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership