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2021 December 5 Star Champion: Teya Grayned

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nominations by Shawn Fazekas and Rachel Richmond: Teya is an onsite General Manager. On her day off, she was contacted regarding a resident/guard dispute that culminated in threats being made to our security vendor. While assessing the situation, Teya was already in route to further discuss the issue on site and follow up with police on the matter. Upon arrival, she realized the two on-staff security guards were either already gone or walked off the job once she arrived. Instead of losing control, Teya immediately took control of the situation, informed Allied (the security vendor) of the incident and subsequent employee walk off. Teya manned the gate, alone, until relief support was able to arrive on a busy Saturday evening. This effort, from supporting a vendor remotely and on site, to manning our gates until relief support arrived, is behavior of a strong leader and should not go unnoticed. A message from a grateful board member said “While she did not need to do what she did, she in her own words said to me ‘I did not want my community to be vulnerable until relief support arrived.’ I cannot begin to say how grateful and impressed I am with Teya's commitment to this community day in and day out, and how she constantly steps up when needed and before even being asked. Thank you, Teya, for stepping up today. Your commitment can only make our community succeed with what you bring here every day. Thank you!”

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership