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Want to Reduce Board Resignations? Use These 4 Tips.

Community associations are not immune to abrupt resignations and unanticipated changes to the board of directors’ structure. It’s difficult to predict when change will occur and how it will affect not only the composition of the board, but the entire community as well. It’s wise that your association implement a plan to reduce resignations to enhance continuity within your community associations’ structure. The following are a few tips to assist your community in reducing board resignations.

  1. Arrange an annual orientation.

Hosting an annual orientation for boards helps members understand the scope of their role and provides them with future guidance for their position. After attending an orientation, people will know exactly what to expect and understand they have resources available to them if needed.  

  1. Create committees.

Familiarize homeowners with board responsibilities and functions by involving them in community projects and committees. Serving on a committee allows homeowners to participate in the community at a lower level of commitment and it grooms them to become future board candidates.

  1. Clearly communicate board duties.

It is important to clearly communicate board functions and duties for all homeowners to see. This will assist any “recruits” in easily becoming familiar with their potential roles. It will also assist them in understanding that the roles performed by directors will differ from their roles as homeowners. In most instances, the list of duties will be shorter than most recruits imagine.

  1. Find the right people.

The welfare of the community depends on level headed and concerned volunteers. When recruiting new board members, it is necessary to diligently seek to identify potential candidates who will strengthen the board. Board members should be of high character and integrity, active and positive in the community, willing to devote sufficient time to fulfilling their responsibilities, and free of any interest that would violate laws and interfere with proper performance.

Implementing these tips will assist in dealing with board resignations, therefore limiting your exposure regarding changes in governance, procedural interruptions and ineffective operations of your community association. Stability on the board offers the opportunity for better planning and greater success.