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Trash Cans, Recycle Bins, & Your HOA


One of the most common complaints and rule violations inside HOA communities involve one thing—trash! Often, the problem is how, where, and when the trash cans and recycle bins go to curb and get put away. Whether you're a board member having to answer questions, or you're a homeowner receiving violations, we're here to help with some answers. Below we'll explore the reasons behind HOA trash can rules and why they matter for the aesthetics and safety of your community.

Maintains Community Look & Feel

While some residents may feel rules regarding trash can be overbearing, the truth is most communities have them for a good reason. Chances are your community has a specific look and feel they want to maintain, and garbage-lined streets are usually not part of that plan. Large trash and recycling bins can be an eyesore, and for that reason, most communities will give you guidelines for when they can go to the curb and where they can be when it isn't trash day. Following these trash rules can help ensure curb appeal is consistent, no matter the size or location of the community.

Helps with Pest & Animal Control

The next big reason for trash rules and regulations is the prevention of pests, critters, and animals. Garbage bins can be an open call for creatures to come and dine and will bring in a whole host of unwelcome visitors. Keeping cans secure in areas that limit animal access will help prevent damage, turned over cans, and, quite frankly, a big mess that no one wants to clean up.

Prevents Identity Theft

Unfortunately, unwelcome guests aren't limited to animals. More and more identity thieves are using unmonitored trash cans and recycle bins to fish for sensitive information. Anything you throw out with personal information like bank statements, credit card offers, medical bills, and more could put you at risk for having your identity stolen. HOAs are aware of the problem, and often encourage cans to be placed inside a garage or gated area to prevent people from rummaging through your trash.

Learn More About HOA Rules

Community trash waste is just one small aspect of community living, and after 40 years of community management, we've heard and seen it all. If you need more help navigating community rules, then be sure to check out "HOA 101: Rules & Regulations" for more expert advice on HOA community living.


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