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FEATURED EBOOK: HOA Spring Maintenance Toolkit

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After months of cold temperatures and inclement weather, spring is the ideal time to prepare your homeowners’ association (HOA) for the upcoming warmer days. As harsh winter conditions take a toll on community structures and residents look forward to spending more time outdoors, getting ahead of necessary maintenance and repairs is a priority.

As the industry leader in HOA management solutions for more than 45 years, we at Associa understand the importance of proactive seasonal upkeep. To help your community stay on top of spring maintenance needs:

  • Review Important Documents
  • Review Your Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Check Building Exteriors
  • Schedule Common Area Maintenance
  • And Much More!

Download our FREE ebook to learn the tips that Jamie Luke, Associa OnCall’s senior vice president, shares to streamline your operations and keep your association functioning at its best. 

About the Author

Jamie is the senior vice president of Associa OnCall, Associa’s maintenance division. He’s a seasoned leader and maintenance professional, serving in the technology and property management sectors for over 26 years. He’s based at Associa’s headquarters in Dallas, TX.

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