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Partner Post: Top 5 Tips for Summer Pet Safety

Summertime means the fun doesn’t stop! From backyard barbeques featuring homegrown veggies to beach trips made for soaking up the sun, there’s a lot going on over the next few weeks. Your pet can’t wait to spend time outdoors, either.

Before you open the door and let your four-legged friend run freely in the warm air and on the green grass, make sure your yard is as safe as it can be. Because June is National Pet Safety Month, there’s no better time than now to "petscape" and create a pet-friendly landscape that won’t harm the furry members of your family. Try these tips in your own yard to make sure that your pets have fun all summer long. 


1. Pass on Pesticides. The most important way to keep pets safe outside is to use organic lawn care products like lawn food. It’s scary to hear, but one study found that dogs whose owners applied chemical herbicides were over four times more likely to develop bladder cancer. Does Fido roam the neighborhood? Help keep him and your neighbors’ four-legged fur babies safe by sharing how to grow a safe paws lawn with your friends and neighbors.

2. Don’t Eat the Flowers. Curious dogs and cats often want to know what those fragrant, colorful flowers taste like. While some plants are okay for pets to sample, others are poisonous. Always check to see if plants are safe for your pets before adding them to your home or landscape.

3. Keep Out Compost. Compost is great for gardens, but not for pets. As food and garden waste break down, it may grow mold. This means that curious pets that nibble at your compost may become sick. Symptoms range from excessive drooling or panting to vomiting and seizures. Stay safe by keeping compost bins closed and out of pets’ reach.

4. Stay Hydrated. Hot sun and rising temperatures mean that your furry friend can overheat if they spend too much time running and playing without pause. Always bring a drink of water for your pets when on walks and consider using a small kiddie pool for your pet to cool down in.

5. Check-up. Make sure your furry friend is protected by scheduling a checkup with your local veterinarian. Keep pets safe with natural flea and tick treatments.


Once your yard has the safe paws stamp of approval, it’s time to play fetch! 

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