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Partner Post: Tips for Revamping Your Home After the Holidays

By Bryn Huntpalmer,


The holidays have come and gone, and the New Year is here. Chances are, you have already stripped your home of holiday decorations. With the Christmas tree packed away and the Christmas lights pulled from around windows and doors, your home may be feeling a little bare.


At Modernize, we think that a brand new year is the perfect time to give your home a little love. Freshening up and adding some flair doesn’t require a major remodel—instead, you can focus on the small changes that will make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.


Just Add Paint

It may seem obvious, but it can’t be said enough: a fresh coat of paint on the walls can do wonders for your home. This project is one of the most affordable ways to make a transformative impact in your home by adding new colors to your space or adding the illusion of space with bright, neutral colors. If you are not up for completely repainting the walls in your home, consider tackling a single room, perhaps a high traffic area like the kitchen or living room.

Paint Your Front Door

If it is the exterior of your home that needs a little change, you might feel like there isn’t much you can do if a complete exterior repainting isn’t in your budget right now. The truth is, repainting just the exterior of your front door can add a fresh look for your home at a very affordable cost. Try a neutral shade that complements your shutters, or go for a bright burst of unexpected color to really liven up your home’s exterior.

Replace Accessories on Cabinets and Doors

The handles, pulls, and hinges on kitchen and bathroom cabinets are one of those home decor details that so often gets missed. If your handles and pulls are several years old, they may be completely dating the look of the room. Consider spending a weekend replacing all of the handles and hinges on your cabinets, choosing a style that is modern but timeless enough to look great for years to come.

Get Rid of Clutter

This home project can make a huge difference without ever dipping into your home improvement budget. Spend a week clearing the clutter from home, emptying drawers, and organizing cabinets. You will be surprised just how much removing a few trash bags of unused items can change the environment your home provides.

Invest in a Single Piece of Furniture

In some homes, all that is needed to change the look is bringing in a single piece of furniture into a high traffic area. If your sofa has seen better days, a brand new couch could completely change your living area.

Bryn_Headshot.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR

Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Remodeling and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker and