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Partner Post: The Benefits of Being Involved in an HOA

Moving into a community with a Homeowners Association can offer great benefits. HOAs often get a bad reputation, but what most people don’t realize is that the pros far outweigh the cons – particularly when you are involved. I speak to this from personal experience. A Midwest girl at my roots, I was raised in a community where you didn’t lock your door and walking into your neighbor’s home to grab a box of mac and cheese was normal. When I purchased my first condo, which happened to be a high-rise, I yearned for the same sense of community I grew up with in the Midwest. That sense of community was developed by getting involved in my HOA. Little did I know at the time, but the engagement proved to be beneficial in more ways than one.

First and foremost, becoming involved with an HOA means protecting your investment. Serving on the HOA board puts you in a prime position to implement rules and regulations that maintain or increase the value of your property. Because maintaining the community grounds is a primary role of the HOA, you will have more input over these decisions and in turn, the value of your home.

Becoming involved with your community’s HOA is a way to become more involved in the community itself. There’s no better way to get to know your neighbors than spending time with them. During my time on the Board, my husband and I had our first daughter. It just so happened that one of my fellow Board members and I became lifelong friends and are now considered family. The people you meet help you understand the perspective of your neighbors and create a positive community for all.

As mentioned before – if you don’t like something, find an opportunity to fix it. If you’ve found yourself creating a list of improvements to be made or a way to make something more efficient, take the opportunity to volunteer or become a member of the HOA board. You’ll be rewarded the chance to voice your concerns and work towards a solution. Chances are, there are people in your community that feel the same but haven’t taken the time to make a change. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Joining your HOA is also an opportunity to learn more about community rules and regulations, learn leadership skills and build your resume. These are all benefits that might not initially be thought of but create excellent experiences. Hone your skills and develop new ones by joining your HOA board. It also gives you a better perspective on how these rules and regulations impact your community.

Joining a community with an HOA is a plus, but when you become involved you are sure to reap the benefits. It is a challenging yet rewarding experience that provides the opportunity to get to know your community and create positive changes.

About the Author

Alissa Thompson is the COO of Cornerstone Managing Partners, full-service construction company based in Southern California. Her prior experiences on HOA boards afforded her the opportunity to build relationships with a number of vendors, construction firms, and subcontractors. Dedicated to the craft and her clients, Thompson works in the unique construction sector of occupied spaces.

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