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Partner Post: Green Up Outdoor Rooms

Take your patio from good to great! We share easy tips to show you how we gave an old covered patio new life. Our goal was to make the patio more comfy and inviting, so it’s easier to kick back and relax.

We started with the furniture. Rather than keeping the seating in a traditional L-shape, we rearranged to make it cozier. By setting the seating so folks face each other, we created a more defined space. A couple of small stands offer a place for low planters as centerpieces, but they can easily be removed and replaced with a surface to make a table top. Below, a faux-cowhide rug removes some of the coldness of the stone flooring and adds character.

A variety of colorful planters brings in a riot of summer color. Easy-care tropicals, including Tropic Escape hibiscus and
MKTG-16-836_Garden_Media_Partner_Post-_Partner_Post-_Green_Up_Outdoor_Rooms-02.jpg mandevilla ensure there will be a show of nonstop summer blooms, no matter how hot the weather gets. Low-water, no-fuss cacti and succulents combine to make a stunning centerpiece because they’re low-growing. We’ve accented them with equally easy Shades of Summer Pink Zazzle gomphrena, a showstopper with papery, hot pink flowers.

To soften the transition from the patio, we placed some drought-tolerant Texas sage shrubs behind the furniture. These low-water plants have silvery blue-green foliage that works with any color scheme.

As an accent to the colorful cacti and succulents, we brought in some equally flamboyant flowers, including SunPatiens, purslane, and Blue My Mind evolvulus. Majesty palms add welcome height and a bold textural contrast. While they have a tropical look, these nifty plants are a bit like chameleons and blend seamlessly into any decorating style, from modern to country. Inexpensive majesty palms are an ideal way to screen views and add privacy.

MKTG-16-836_Garden_Media_Partner_Post-_Partner_Post-_Green_Up_Outdoor_Rooms-03.jpgAnother perfect plant for privacy is red, white, or pink mandevilla. These versatile vines love hot, humid weather and quickly scramble up poles and through fences, creating a wall of color. They’re drought-tolerant and attract hummingbirds, making them ideal for any sunny space.


Justin Hancock, Costa Farms garden expert. Passionate about plants only begins to describe Justin. A lover of houseplants, tropicals, annuals, and perennials, Justin has a wealth of experience gardening all the way from Northern Minnesota to Miami. At Costa Farms, you’ll find Justin running between research and development, marketing, and everywhere in between!